Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The obsession continues...

So, it appears that I AM the kind of girl who plays with dolls. All right already...I'll admit it! I like dolls!!! Especially if they look like this:
or this:

and especially this:

How cute! The kewpie type doll images are the ones I've been using lately from Retrocafeart. I'm still in love with these cuties! The dresses are from ARTRchix Studio (as is the whole doll 3 pics up). LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!! The flowers are vintage scrap. My favorite girl is the last one: the Damsel in Distress. I love how she's advertising that fact with a little flag! My kinda girl...When all else fails...advertise your issues. Ummm, hello?... Damsel in distress here?...hello? any princes around?
Here are some magnents I also made (but, I canNOT remember where I got the images...yikes!) The magnents themselves were from the Target dollar spot a couple of years ago. The paper under the transparencies is a handwritten hymn. LOVE the handwriting and the brown ink!
My favorite is the top one...it's hard to see, but across her chin, the writing says "I'm found". I love that! And I didn't even plan it!

And lastly, some necklaces that will go into my shop soon:

The images are ARTchix, again. Go check that place out!
Grownup Doll lovers unite!


KatCollects said...

Hi Tammy,
I love all of these, especially the damsel in distress, that is me. I love your talent. I hope you had a nice Easter. Life is a little crazy here right now, but hopefully we can get together soon.
Big hugs,

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I love the jewelry and the sweet dolls!!