Thursday, April 23, 2009

Funky Junkin' 101

1. Find out if your city has a bulk pick up trash day. MARK IT ON YOUR CALENDAR AND PLAN THE REST OF YOUR DAYS AROUND IT.

2. Go out rain or shine, or sleet as was the case for me this year (crazy Seattle weather!!!) , and go out multiple times, but especially the night before the pick up day.

3. if you see something interesting...check it out. Don't be shy, or you may lose something fabulous to the next junker that comes along. Take it home...if you decide it doesn't float your boat,(or if your husband looks like he's about to have a grande mal seizure) put it out with all your bulk item crap.

4. You may want to practice your swerving technique before hand. It helps to be a confident and well-insured driver. If you see something fabulous, employ the swerve, grab and stuff that criminals in white panel vans on TV use when kidnapping people. Swerve to the side of the road (squealing your brakes is not really necessary, but adds seriousness to what we know is a very serious operation), jump out, grab the goods and stuff it into your car (try borrowing a panel van if you know someone who has one!). Jump back in, chortling happily, and zip off (again, squealing brakes are optional).

5. Depending on how successful your junkin day was, you may NOT be able to hide it all from your husband. I suggest leaning heavily on the phrase "But, it was FREE, dear!"

6. Gloating about your finds is an integral part of this whole must let other people what fabulous stuff you found so they caan be envious...I MEAN...they can learn from your experiences. Remember...junkin is saving the earth one cool find at a time! We are just doing our part to keep it out of the landfills, people!!!

Yes, this is the best find of the AMAZING beadboard cabinet in the most beautiful green. Someone was going to throw this away!!!!!!
***This is where the gloating comes in****

Plus, I also found the cute old bike, the banged up toolbox and the fountain (which doesn't work, but is still cute as a birdbath/cat water dish.
Oh, and don't forget that cute dresser from a few posts back...ALL FOR FREE and saved from the landfill. Defintely a FABULOUS junkin time this year!


KatCollects said...

Hi Tammy,
What a fun post! I love all of your treasures, you found great things!

tiffany ~ shabby scraps said...

wow, I am in awe at your finds!
xoxo, Tiffany

Heather said...

I am moaning w/ envy!! What delightful finds!! I love JUNK!!

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