Thursday, March 25, 2010

Im about...

to be...

doing a bit...

more of THIS fun stuff this weekend!
Wahoo! Hooray for a Girls weekend getaway!!! Terri Brush will be teaching a class at my darling friend Tiffany's house this weekend. Guess who gets to go? ME!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

AAAAACCCKKKK! Its March??? Already???

Oh, CRAP!!! Did I MISS February???
Dang, I think I did...otherwise, how the heck could it be MARCH already??
Do you know what this means?? means that in exactly 13 days, it'll be the big one...
Noooo...I dont mean a big earthquake. It's not gonna be a rogue asteroid hitting earth.
I mean THE BIG ONE...
My {gulp} 40th birthday....
I can't believe seems like yesterday I was in diapers.
Okay...I really cant remember that far back, but, you know what I mean...Sigh...
I'm getting old.
But, I'm not dead yet. That's my theme for this year. I'm still kickin'. In fact, I think I'm better than ever.
Anyways, I've finally gotten my butt in gear and listed a few things in my sad and neglected Etsy shop.
I listed this lovely French Ebony Rosary:

This beautiful Italian Rosary:

And this amazing Italian Hinged rosary:

I've been having fun fun fun hitting those estate sales! Oh, MAN!!! I've found some awesome loot! Tune in for another update. I PINKY PROMISE you I wont wait sooo long to post again!