Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I didn't think it was possible...

...but apparently there IS a house smaller than mine!

This one measures a tiny 1/2"x 7/8"x 7/8".

I think I'm ready to downgrade.

Cute little tiny acrylic house charms from the awesome Kristin at Retro Cafe Art.

LOVE IT!!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fun finds and what I'm in love with...

Oh, yeah, baby! A good yard sale weekend! Just a quick note to brag...I mean... share what I found. I signed up for Estatesales.net, and they let me know if there's any in my area. BRILLIANT, I say! So, I went to one yesterday and found these fun things:
Party hats, baby! Look at that yummy fringe...
Purple Candy box
Random Christmas decorations
Velvet ribbon (which is gonna have to be bleached) and the mirror half of a compact:
A couple of certificates:

Miscellaneous stuff: a cool binder with school notes very meticulously written in PURPLE ink (sooo cool!), a vintage box of pastels, chenille stems, vintage reinforcements, a cute little nut cup and a sweet little bird (LOVE this one!)

A Christmas carols songbook with beautiful pictures:

Two glove boxes (?). These would make cool shadowboxes, I think.

And my favorite find of the day...Awww, isn't she cute?

So, today, I stumbled on an Estate sale that was really more of a yard sale, because most of the stuff was new. That's kind of a pet peeve of mine. I think estate sale inplies vintage stuff, but, I guess, technically, it's just the stuff of people's lives. I don't know...does this bother you?

Any way, I found this:

I LOVE this thing! I have wanted a Vintage fan forever, so, I'm not sure I will be able to sell it. But, what do you think? Should I paint it, or leave it as is? I don't want to commit some kind of desecrating-the-vintage-fan-by-painting-it sin. What would you do?

This is my favorite find today:

How fabulously chippy is this beauty? {gasp} I'm in love with a chippy cherub...

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Okay, I'm NOT a doll person...really! I don't get women who collect dolls. I just don't get it! In fact, I think it's (no offense, now...) a tiny bit strange. But, lately, I have been finding dolls on my shopping excursions. Fist it was these:

These, I kind of get. They look so cute sitting in a little cabinet on my mantle. They are sooooo fun in altered art projects. I sold the white one to Raejean last month. I listed the other two in my Etsy shop today.

Then, I found this one:

She'a pretty cute, but, she's also for sale here.
Then, I found this little one:

She'a a vintage Madame Alexander. I have to admit, she's pretty darn cute. But, she's for sale, too. (Sold, thank you, Deborah!)

I don't think I'll ever be a collector, but I don't mind picking some up and passing them on to you! (even if I don't get it!).

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Soul Journal Valentine Blog Party!!!!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!! I know I'm posting a little late...sorry! But, here we go...
This is a clooage I made this week in honor of Valentine's Day. It's 8x10 canvas board.
I lOVE the couple. The picture is a copy of a tintype taken pre-civil war. The back says the picture was taken before he went to war, and before they were married. They got married in 1866, so he made it back safe and sound. I like to think that his love carried him through...

I love a love story, don't you?


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love book

I got to work at Paper Muse 3 days last week!!! It was a looong week, but so much fun, as it always is when I work there.

When it was quiet in the store, I made this altered coin collectors book. Here's the Front, which needs a little something more...
Here's the back:
I found the book at an Estate sale 2 weekends ago, and couldn't wait to use it. I love that the circles are like little windows, each begging for a tiny collage inside.

So, the theme is love (ever so appropriate considering Valentine's day is coming up...). I made a collage on the left side, and on the right, filled the windows with tiny pictures, ephemera, glitter, pink pearls, posies and sweet, old-fashioned little phrases and words that relate to love.

I had a hard time reattatching the binding, and the tape got all covered with glitter, so I left it as is. Hope this gets you in the "mood". ..Er, for valentine's day, that is...

Also, here is the last of the 3 Petite Inspiration Boxes I got for the swap: This one is from Laurie. It is done in blues from the outside in... All the little embellies she added were in blue. My fave was the tiny matchbox of blue buttons...so sweet! Thanks, Laurie!

I LOVE doing swaps and so, I've decided to do one. Not yet, though. Stay tuned...(cue dramatic music and announcer with a deep, sexy voice) COMING SOON, TO A BLOG NEAR YOU (namely, mine!) ...a swap, AND a challenge!!!

I haven't ever done a blog challenge, so, I'm super excited to host one! Well, I guess I've hosted a swap before, either, so that makes me excited also...

Talk soon!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cuz Swaps rock, that's why!!!

Heather does the BEST swaps! I think I've done 3 now. I love them! It's fun to meet the other participants, fun to put together your contributions and soooo much fun to get stuff from other creative people! Here is 2 of the 3 Petite Inspiration Boxes I've recieved.

The first is from Lonnie: I love the ceramic carnation on top...it's going to go in one of my mosaics, for sure!

Here's what was inside: Millinery, tickets, velvet ribbon, a small piece of vintage wallpaper, buttons, glitter, a T anagram, a mini cameo, watch crystals and optometrist lenses.

How cool are the watch crystals? I cant WAIT to use them! And I adore optometrist lenses...the make fabulous pendants. Thanks, Lonnie!

Yesterday, I got one from Jen: A darling little glittered bird, wearing a crown and sitting on a nest of fringed tissue. So adorable!
A swatch of old upholstery fabric, millinery, buttons, 2 buckles, flocked beads, lace, playing cards, tickets, scalloped wallpaper squares and pink mercury beads! YUM! Thanks, Jen!
My favorites: