Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here is my doll all , well, dolled up! I finished decorating her yesterday, but the weather's been so hideous, there wasn't enough light to take pictures of her til today. I love how she turned out. I ended up cutting off her stand, so she lays flat on the bottom of her skirt. Since I'm accident, prone, I figured this just may save her life!

This is the bottle I altered for her insides. It has a little charlotte image inside it from retrocafeart. So cute! It says "staying at home".

This is that wee little house charm I made from retrocafeart, too. Kristin's stuff is FABULOUS--- go check her out!

Here is Miss dolly's back side, with a doily for a train.

I LOVE these little tiny tubes of photo tinting paints...
Thanks for looking!
Also, I wanted to share some of my recent finds, but, I'm pulling my hair out with blogspot right now! Any blogspot bloggers out there, HELP! I used to be able to upload photos and then move them around to place them into the dialog that I had already written. Now, once I upload them I can't move them around at all, except to put spaces between them, and write there. Does that make sense? Please help, or let me know if you are having similar issues. Or, maybe I am just a complete doofus....


Scrappy Jessi said...

eeekkk she's gorgeous!! i love all the little personal touches, darling.

Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

Hey Tammy! OMG your doll is SOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!! And I adore the tinting tubes on the back!!!! I love your bottle too, and of course you know I love the tiny house. Thanks for the shout-out.
As for blogger and the pictures - that is the only way I've ever been able to do it - just put spaces etc. It's no very user friendly :(.

KatCollects said...

Hi Sweet Tammy,
Your doll is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love how she turned out. And I love how creative you are : ) I can still move my pictures around but I try to put spaces in some times and when I publish my blog the spaces goes away, it's aggrivating. I hope you are enjoying are sunshine today YEEHAW!!!

Sarah said...

This is incredibly darling! I love her!

shabbyscraps said...

Oh, she turned out so darling!! I can't decide if my favorite part is the oil tubes on back or the little collage inside....doesn't matter, I love it all!
xoxox, Tiffany

Natasha Burns said...

Your doll is adorable!!!
Blogger, ugh, the picture uploading is a nightmare and almost sent me over to typepad. I can move pictures around, but if you do that, they become "un" clickable. I've found the best way for me, is to go into the HTML and move them around there. No matter what order I upload in, even in reverse like I used to be able to do on blogger, they ALWAYS shuffle the order, like the 2nd last one goes on first or something strange. The spaces, you're not going crazy. Blogger takes all the spaces away!!! I have to go in to the HTML and add

between each paragraph to make sure the space shows. They really do need to get their act together!

Natasha Burns said...

ok, lol, i wrote the code for paragraph/line breaks, but in my comment, it actually created the paragraph break!
In case you're wondering, i'll put spaces in between the letters here below, but if you use it, make sure every letter and arrow thingy have no gaps.
take two, lol:
< BR > < BR >