Friday, October 2, 2009


I realized I never posted a picture of the goodies in my Giveaway....and I'm sorry about that.

I also realize that I didn't post the winner sorry!

And, now, I can't even find my USB cable to upload the pictures anyway...really...I'm sorry!!!!

But, I will announce the winner, cuz I CAN do that, at the very least!

The winner is...


Girl, you've got some good mojo, or somethin'!!!! (We should go to the Casino together sometime...just a thought...)

This is the second time you've won a giveaway from me!!!
So, there's some great stuff in that box! I do hope you enjoy it! I'll send it out on Monday (or, I can hold it hostage and you can come get it at Paper Muse, if it would get you over here so I can meet you!!!)

Thanks to everyone for participating!! Have a lovely day! I will, DESPITE the rain...

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