Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New artwork and quotes

I LOVE quotes.
I love how a cleverly put together string of words can lodge itself inside my head.
I have been in love with words and especially quotes my whole life, or, at least what I can remember of it. Granted, I kind of have a bad memory, but...whatever.
I do love quotes!
And I almost always include a quote in my artwork. I keep a quote book and sometimes I pull a quote first and create a collage around it. The quote drives the creative bus, so to speak.
Sometimes the art comes first and the quote follows.
This piece has a quote I got from Teesha Moore's blog. I've never heard of this guy, but, DANG, she's got some good things to say! She was a German author and had a meeting house for intellectual and artistic gatherings. At least that's what I can gather from Wikipedia.
The quote is "Woman is born to create. In creating she becomes herself, accomplishes her destiny. Her whole life is only an initiation into creative power. To create is not merely to make a work. It is to give of ones own individuality."

**The dark yellowish strips above the birdhouse and around the edges of the piece are actually ancient pieces of scotch tape that I took off of a globe I got at an estate sale. I just couldn't throw them out!!! Isn't that sick?
The next piece is kind of a departure for me. I collaged/decoupaged/painted the background before I even knew what I was going to put on it. I am totally DIGGING the drippy paint thing right now, btw...(if you hadn't noticed!)
I made a birdcage out of wire and glued it on at the junctures, sprinkling chunky vintage silver glass glitter onto the glue. I have also been finding myself creating these woman-as-birdcage girls. Notice how the cage is empty? That's not a bad thing. I think she sort of creates and then releases her creation (art, children, etc...) into the world, to find its own way.

This one needs a quote, but I haven't decided which one yet. Any suggestions? Do you collect quotes, too?
Thanks for coming over!


Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Beautiful! Your creative expression of "Woman is born to create" is awesome. Whether intentional or not, I loved the inclusion of eggs as they are symbolic of new life. And "woman" being the vessel [for lack of better word] from which a new life arrives on this earth...talk about creating! And yes...I am crazy for quotes. I've even been known to write down a snippet of lyrics from a song as I'm driving along. Sort of like your sickness in salvaging the yellowed tape..ha ha!

KatCollects said...

Hi Sweet Tammy,
I love your newest creation! Wishing you a beautiful and creative weekend.

shabbyscraps said...

beautiful as always!!
Thanks for all the help this weekend!
xoxo, Tiffany