Sunday, October 18, 2009

A dream come true...

Ever since I was a little tyke...knee high to a grasshopper, as my mother used to say...I've wanted to work at a Starbucks.
Okay, well, maybe I wasn't little. Really, I was an adult, but, oh, so much younger and less jaded than I am now...
Anyways, I have always wanted to join the ranks of those ultra-cool coffee-slingers who came to be known as "baristas".
Well, okay, if you want to get technical, I didn't even LIKE coffee until I moved to coffee central, otherwise known as Seattle. That was 12 years ago. But, oh, man...once the bug bites, it bites HARD. The very AIR smells like coffee here, truly it does! This is the HOME of Starbucks, people. Be in awe.
Well, I got a job. As a barisata. At a Starbucks. A Safeway Starbucks. (how awesome is America? Not only can you get a fresh, delicious, creamy espresso from a bikini-clad barista on just about any corner (no, I mean in a drive thru stand, not that they stand there hawking their wares on the actual corner! Can you imagine? "Hey, 'bout a hot one? I have whipped cream!!!...we could call them Barista-tutes...)
Oh, gosh...I got a wee bit carried away there, didn't I? Get it together, Tammy! Where was I? Oh, can get coffee while you shop! LOVE it!
So, I start training tomorrow. I'm so excited. Wish me luck!

Here's my last collage:

I found this WONDERFUL vintage book on Oil Portraits. The images are fabulous! The quote is from Lao Tzu "when I let go of what I am, I become what I might be"
This is the one I'm working on next:

Have a lovely day!


Rose Garden Romantic said...

How exiting! Do you get all the free fancy coffee drinks you want? That would be reason enough to work there! :) Good luck in your new job~ have fun!

shabbyscraps said...

ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!
barista - tutes!! LOVE it!
good luck!
xoxo, Tiffany

KatCollects said...

Congratulations Tammy! I am so happy for you. Love this post, lol. I will visit you one day for a Passion Tea or a Icead Mocha : ) Your newest collage is beautiful, they always are!

Sarah said...

Congrats on the job! And then you are working at Starbucks! Yumm-o!!!!!!

Cassandra said...

You are a funny girl!