Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Doing something about it!

Since we moved here to Washington 11 years ago, I have been so AMAZED (read: astonished, disgusted, baffled) at how many phone books we get. In Santa Cruz CA, where, I was born and raised we had ONE phone book. Granted, it was a way smaller town, but it's only 30 min from San Jose, which is huge. We never got phone books for San Jose.
Here? We get phone books for every city in a 100 mile radius. At any given time, I could have 6 or 7 current phone books.
I recycled 6 this weekend, probably the equivalent of a whole tree.
I was at http://www.thesalvagestudio.blogspot.com/ and they provided a link for getting off the phone book mailing list. I did it immediately. Any number I need, I can find online. And if I REALLY need a phone book, I can call to get one delivered. Or, I can go to the library and use theirs.
I encourage you to sign up for this, too! Here's the link: http://idealbite.com/tiplibrary/archives/hitting-the-phonebooks
Saving the world one (or six) phonebook at a time,