Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Paper Muse Heaven

I spent three days last week filling in for the fabulous Camie at my favorite paper arts store, Paper Muse. She went camping with her family and I was soooooooo excited when she asked if I could help her out. Like, seriously...she actually PAID me to sit in her GORGEOUS store, talk to wonderful people and create art when it was slow. huh. Still trying to make sense of it. I do something I love, AND I get paid for it??? Puh-lease!!! It was AWESOME!!!

Well, I did have technical dificulties...not entirely out of character for me. I bumble along on the computer and usually someone ends up fixing it for me, or I spend HOURS trying to do it myself, and then stumvle on the answer and fee;l all proud of myself. That was definitely the case the first morning, but I got it worked out (with Tifany's help and only a few panicked calls to Camie)and the rest of the time was smoooooth. Here's a look:

A fun display of 7 Gypsies stuff hanging on 4 mismatched doors hinged together. Some of the doors have shelves on them to display stuff. I'm definitely doing this when I get a studio!!!

GORGEOUS glass glitter of many colors:

This is her beautiful bird, Piper, he sings so sweet! And he's orange!!! And he didn't peck me once! Love him!

Love, love, love this store!!! It's a little slice of paper artsy heaven!!! Thank you Camie for letting me play while you were gone...I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

p.s. Sorry, I know I put two of the same photo, but I just CANNOT figure out how to take it off once I upload it to my post...can anyone help???

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Maija said...

I bet that was fun! Was your head exploding with ideas?