Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bad Gardener!! Bad, Bad Gardener!!!

I am a BAD gardener. Really Bad. I am also a lazy gardener. I love to plant. Hate to weed. And so, when the weather turns nasty, ( and by that I mean when it starts to rain...which is pretty much from Oct-May here in the Pacific NW...) II head indoors. I don't weed. Not at all. Oh, okay, I may pull up a dandelion or two when they get to be 3 or 4 feet tall, and threaten to block the view out my kitchen window.
When spring comes, I have sooooo much weeding to do. And I resent it. I vow every year to keep up with the weeding all winter. But I don"t. I'm a bad, bad gardener!!!

So, when the good weather comes along, (or, as is usually the case, the so-so weather) I trudge out to weed. I like to punish myself by forbidding the buying of plants untill the weeding is done. But, I tend to be rebellious with myself. I will break down on a gorgeous day, head to the nursery, and buy some beautiful flowers. And then, they will sit in their cardboard flat untill I get the weeding done. Or at least some of it. Or, maybe just the bed those flowers will be going into...Anyways, I planted these last summer. I found them on clearance at Wal Mart for $3. I love them!! They make me happy, and even though their name is snowball, they DON'T remind me of snow (I'm not a big snow fan...).

Also, I inheirited this old wheelbarrow when we moved in 8 years ago, and finally planted some flowers in it! Ignore the ugliness around it, though. It sits on our septic tank access, which I can see from my kitchen window. Ick!

I resolve anew to do better this year...I will weed, I will, I will!!!!


Cami said...

You have the best blog. Adding you to my must read list if that's okay with you... I'm the complete opposite w/ my gardening. Season-wise that is. I'm out Sept/Oct through about the end of May, but it's hotter than hades here already. Almost 100 degrees. BLAH! And I adore your 3.99 white rose pitcher from Goodwill. I've been having great luck @ my Goodwill lately. Coincedently I donated several hampers recently. Too bad you don't live next door! My laundry room is full of vintage feed sack dresses/clothes pin holders. Okay, I'm writing a book. Cami out!

Susan said...

Just came to your blog from Jenny's. Love it and am going to read it often! I love your canvases and banners and...everything. Get that etsy shop up!