Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Prayer book spine

Prayer book spine, originally uploaded by littlejunkshop.

I found this lovely little ivory colored Common Prayers and Hymns at the Salvation Army, and just knew it would be the perfect altered book.
The pages had already fallen out, so it wasn't like I'd be racked with guilt and going to hell in a handbasket for tearing the pages out of a religious book.
I knew it would be the perfect place for my vintage prayer cards.
And it is.
Oh, by the way...this is my 99th post. For my 100th post, I'll be doing a giveaway. A big, fun giveaway.
You'll definitely want to check back for that one.

edit: Blogger is PMSing, and wont let me upload pictures today, so I posted this from Flickr. Go there if you'd like to see more pictures of this book, otherwise, I'll try posting more of them tomorrow. Hopefully, Blogger will be in a better mood...it should have chocolate and a bath. That always works for me.

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