Monday, July 28, 2008

Better late than never? Totally!

I'm not a very patient person. But, y'know, there are times in your life when you are forced to wait for things. Like: When am I EVER going to get pregnant? Will this pregnancy EVER end? Is this baby EVER going to sleep?

But, as you all know very well, we can't control these things so, why be impatient about them...well, it's a good theory, but hard!

Any ways, I did a one on one swap with the amazingly talented Jenny Heid of Everyday is a Holiday, but, all of a sudden, life got in the way. She and her boyfriend ended up moving to a new place totally spur 'o the moment, and she was completely overwhelmed with packing/unpacking, painting, moving, cutting up couches and putting them back together....not to mention, trying to keep their business afloat. She wasn't able to do her part of the swap untill things got settled, and I was not about to pitch any kind of fit...I mean, what was I going to say? Ummm, Jenny, that'll all have to wait...

Noooo, of course not! Jenny truly is awesome, and sooooo sweeet, and was ever so apologetic and boy, did she make it up to me!!! Seriously! If this is the fruit of being late, honey, you can be late any old time!!! (and, really, you didn't have to make it up to me AT ALL!). Also, our original thought was for one peice 8x 10. So, I did a small 8x10 peice (which looked small to me at the time) and I put together a little packet of fun vintage goodies, and sent it all in a padded envelope. When I got Jenny's box today, well, it was a serious BOX!!! And STUFFED with goodies!!!!
So...(I'm breathless...) here it is....the totally amazing stuff from Jenny:
Everything was packaged GORGEOUSLY! Please notice the restraint I showed by photographing them BEFORE I ripped into them! Impressed? I know!!Just LOOK at this! How sweet! A bakery box tied up with the most beautiful vintage trims and the sweetest little tag!**sigh**And inside?tags, buttons, flowers, charms, ballerina darling little fun!

Fabulous trims: velvet, pom pom, sequins, lace, rick rack, crochet...made me swoon...SO cute!!!Wallpaper!!! OHMYGOSH!!! Love it! little bits of lots of patterns...heaven!

Then, this...the actual swap piece: SO beautiful!!! And I make wedding cakes, so this now happily hangs in my kitchen.

I adore this sweet little bird with his outrageous pink tail feather:Look at the dots on the cake...silver glass glitter!

As if AAAALLLLL that FABULOUSNESS wasn't enough, a 11x14 of The Recital, which I have drooled over since they introduced it to their stores. **gulp** It's even more wonderful in person! It is now hanging in my pale pink hallway, above black framed pictures of my girls. It looks like it was made to go there! And then, as if THAT wasn't enough...So, so sweet! A tiny house similar to one she did a while ago, that I gushed all ove on her blog!!! I adore it! It found a home in a little niche in my kitchem that used to have an intercom in it.

Well, obviously, I'm a happy girl. are truly amazing. You Rock!!! Thank you so much for everything, I love it ALL!!! I will swap anytime with you...especially if you're gonna be late!


jenny holiday said...

Ohh you sweet sweet thing!! What an adorable blog post!! :) I am so so happy that you like everything! I truly felt terrible about how long it was taking me to get your package in the mail.

I ADORE the collage you made me!! It hangs on the door to our new studio!! :) It makes us smile daily!

I am soooo looking forward to your etsy shop opening! I will be the first in line opening day! :) I'm hoping I get a sneak ;) Can't wait to shop!! :)

As soon as things settle over here I would LOVE to swap again!!! And if you'd like..I can be late again..LOL just kidding!

Lots of love!!
xoxo Jenny

juNKstyLEdiVA said...

Looks like Christmas really did come in July for you...lucky girl!

tiffany~shabbyscraps said...

Jenny is so sweet, and her gifts in your swap are beautiful! I saw what you sent her too, and she is a lucky girl too!
Love Ya, Tiffany

Sadie Lou said...

Oh my!!
What a lovely box of yummy goodies!!
Lucky you!
I'd love to see what you swapped!
~Sadie LOu

Rose Garden Romantic said...

OH wowee!! What a lot of vintage goodeness!! You lucky girl!!