Thursday, June 19, 2008

Remodelling and a funny conversation

I know I have a picture of my ugly bathroom somewhere on this computer, but I can't for the life of me find it! So, try to imagine: A leeettle bathroom, circa 1962, preserved in time, as though someone cherished the styles from that era...enameled steel tub with the straightest back you can imagine, not just uncomfortable, but icy cold when you first lean back against it...cracked window...handmade vanity in a funky shape, painted dark brown and topped with red starburst covered white laminate...ugly white vinyl on the walls with a half finished rusty iron fence stencilled on it....toilet that threatened to crash into the crawlspace below it, taking me down with it, pants around my ankles...

Oh, but the best part? The thin little aluminum tiles that the bathtub surround was made of(????????) started popping off, oh, about 6 months after we moved in. My husband decided to "temporarily" fix the problem with plastic sheeting and DUCT TAPE (I have SUCH a love/hate relationship with that stuff!). Temporarily meaning 71/2 years. 71/2 years with plastic and duct tape in my shower!!!! All around!!!!!!!! Ugh. Oddly enough, he had his little feelings hurt when I didn't say "Why, dear, what a wonderful fix! Aren't you clever!!!

It's also the ONLY bathroom we have.

Got the picture?

So, we're remodelling. Finally. We lived with it for eight years, the last four months without a vanity. Yep, FOUR MONTHS!!!!! Hubby started, then got scared off by the dryrot. I travcked down a wonderful contractor who goes to our church, and he has been working away...we're almost is a peek. Everything is so light and fresh...especially my JACUZZI TUB!!!! Can't wait to show the finished product...heck...I can't wait to bathe in that thing!!

I also wanted to show you my mirror I made for the bathroom. It was a $3 shutter and a $1.99 mirror from St V's. I think it's cute...but, dang, it's hard to photograph a mirror, especially when you don't want your crap in the picture. But, Halle was happy enough to stand in.

My 10 year old, Emma, said the cutest thing the other day...Here's how the conversation went:

6 year old: I don't think grown ups can go on bouncy slides.

me: Oh, yeah, honey, they can. I saw lots of Mommies and Daddies on the bouncy slides at the carnival last year. Just not fat mommies, like me...

all three children: MOM!!! You're NOT fat!!!

10 year old: No, mom, you're not fat, just cushiony.

Guess I need to loose some cushion.

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<---That's me, Pete!! said...

I love your blog! How did you get your blog logo on the top? I"m still learning! =) Thanks for the kudos on my sock monkey magnets. I *heart* them. They need to go to a good home. BTW, I love the mirror you made & congrats on the jacuzzi!

Re: your etsy question about changing the name. I just started selling so I don't have any valuable feedback to loose. So what I've done is crated a new username/store and in the old one let people know that I have moved. So if they have me in their favorites they'll see in the profile that I have moved. I thought it was best to move to my new name now versus when I have a lot of feedback. However...if you do have a lot of feedback, keep your old store active so that you can tell new customers to check your old stores feedback percentage if that makes them feel more comfortable. Ok, I'm done babbling. =)
I'll drop buy often to check up on you!
your favorite nutter...Pete