Saturday, March 6, 2010

AAAAACCCKKKK! Its March??? Already???

Oh, CRAP!!! Did I MISS February???
Dang, I think I did...otherwise, how the heck could it be MARCH already??
Do you know what this means?? means that in exactly 13 days, it'll be the big one...
Noooo...I dont mean a big earthquake. It's not gonna be a rogue asteroid hitting earth.
I mean THE BIG ONE...
My {gulp} 40th birthday....
I can't believe seems like yesterday I was in diapers.
Okay...I really cant remember that far back, but, you know what I mean...Sigh...
I'm getting old.
But, I'm not dead yet. That's my theme for this year. I'm still kickin'. In fact, I think I'm better than ever.
Anyways, I've finally gotten my butt in gear and listed a few things in my sad and neglected Etsy shop.
I listed this lovely French Ebony Rosary:

This beautiful Italian Rosary:

And this amazing Italian Hinged rosary:

I've been having fun fun fun hitting those estate sales! Oh, MAN!!! I've found some awesome loot! Tune in for another update. I PINKY PROMISE you I wont wait sooo long to post again!


KatCollects said...

You are definitly NOT old! It was so good to see you last week, hope we can get together soon.

Kat said...

40? Girl it's only a number, Your true age is all in the way you live it!! Enjoy!

Debbie Demmers-Lujan said...

Tammy, I am not Catholic but I love rosaries! It will be ok on turning "40". Yes, it is just a number....been there 7 1/2 years ago myself. I have found that I cannot always go with I am as "young as I feel" as that might make me 70 at, it should be more that you are as "young as you think"!!! :)

blessings, debbie

SilentOrchestra said...

If you're happy and heathy age doesn't matter! :D

Love the rosaries by the way!