Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A cuter knockoff...

Last Friday, Tiffany and I were at Anthropologie.
Oh, man, I soooo love this store. But it's seriously out of my price range.
But that's okay, I gather all kinds of ideas...which are FREE!

As in: F-R-E-E-
that spells free,
credit bay-bee!
(please tell me you know these commercials, and I'm not just sounding a wee bit cray-zee...)

Anyways...I fell in love with this:

How cute is THAT??? I know, right?

But, oh, HECK NO, was I gonna pay $32 for it!!! (I mean, it's a PLASTIC headband like any self-respecting 6 year-old girl has in her collection of hair accessories, wrapped in ribbon and a big silk flower glued on. Seriously...$32???)

I did buy these ($4.99 for 5 at Rue 21)

Then I used E-600, wound it with ribbon and glued on some vintage millinery... clamped it with some clothes pins, let it dry...

And I made THIS most excellently cute headband:

Which, I have to say, is cuter than the original. I might even have paid $32 for it.

But, it only cost me $1 because I had everything but the headband.

Anthropologie should so totally hire me to design for them!