Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome to Moo Card Holder Saturday!!!
It all started when I met Michelle. I was working at Paper Muse on Monday, and she came in. She has a shop near Olympia and was in the area, so she popped in to take a look. When she paid for her purchases, she had the CUTEST little clutch! She said it was melted plastic and that she had done a tutorial on her blog about it.
I was I checked it out. Well, I decided right then I HAD to try it out. Melting plastic??? Oooo, it was fun! The only bag I had that wasn't ugly was a silver one, so I went with it. And, I decided to make a Moo card holder, instead of a clutch.
Here's the finished project, which took less than an hour, total! I used a scrap of vintage fabric I had been hoarding, and lined it with the melted silver plastic. Trimmed it with hot pink ribbon and little blue buttons. Cute, no?

Well, then I was on a roll and made the two above. Seriously...for those off you who, like me, suffer from the sad and debilitating syndrome called something like "if-I-cant-see-immediate-results-forget-it-I'm-not-doin'-it-itis", this project took hardly any time at all! Once I got going, it took maybe 20 minutes apiece. I also, decided to forgo the cool but kinda unnecessary step of the melted plastic liner. But, do go check out the tutorial and give it a try! It's fun!
Happy Saturday!


Le_Vintage said...

those are so adorable! I like the first one the best. I wish I could make something that cute!

Le Vintage

shabbyscraps said...

wow, I love these! Too stinkin adorable! First one is my fav too.

xoxo, Tiffany

Michelle Johnson said...

I am glad you found my site. It was nice talking with you the other day. Your moo card holders are very cute. You sound a bit like me, if I can't see results fairly quickly I move on to the next project.

KatCollects said...

They turned out so cute! I still laugh when I think about the day we were at Tiffany's and she gave me her moo card that said Shabby Craps, lol. I hope you and your family are having a good summer. Sarah and I are off to the Lavender Festival for 3 days of Mother Daughter time this weekend, can't wait.

Heidi said...

Those are very cute! I got my Birdsong Collage today! It was yours, and is just precious! Thanks so much and for the extra goodies as well! I am glad to have discovered your blog! So many neat things to see!

Waseem said...

This is so adorable..wish i could do something like that for plastic cards.