Saturday, June 27, 2009

The biggest herkin' candy box I've ever seen and other estate sale finds

Oh, baby, did I hit some fun estate sales today! {***insert happy little dance here***}
One was from a founding family in a nearby town, so there was 100 years of cool accumulation, in a house that was destined to be demolished. Sad, considering it was DARLING!!! They're probably still slip-and-sliding on the drool spots I left in the kitchen. The built-ins...the NOOKS...the moulding...sigh.'s what I found:

The magazine has some fabulous pictures and ads that will find their way into my collages. I found this old Gerber baby food jar (with a vintage Dennison label on it that would have been incentive enough for me to buy the jar) of teeny-tiny mercury glass ornies:
This sweet little couple:
More frogs:

A bundle of seam binding, twill tape and Fagot tape (I know...WHAAA?). I can NEVER have enough FAGOT TAPE, right? I just ran out of FAGOT TAPE the other day, and said to myself "Girl, you need to getcha some more FAGOT TAPE, pronto!" And there it was!
****side note: don't bother looking it will get NO links to vintage sewing supplies...just trust me on this one, 'kay?****I really don't think it has anything whatsoever to do with sex. I'm just sayin'...
A few more of those cool metal cups...

A cute train case, sheet, Kewpie doll and millinery flower:

The second sale was just as good. I found a hat!!! I LOVE it!!!! I rarely find hats at estate sales, so {***insert another little happy dance***}.

Here's a close up of the millinery flower and some crocheted trim:

some sweet little silverware:

A reproduction of an oil of St. Denis Gate:

Heeeeeeere's Kewpie!

And here is the BIGGEST herkin' candy box I've EVER seen! This puppy is a whopping 18"x18"! Can you imagine how much chocolate was in this thing? You have to wonder...does this say "love" or does it say "here, have a 50 pound weight gain", right? I mean, about overkill.


Diane said...

Oh My and WOW did you ever find the sweetest vintage finds today. I have had those colorful glasses before and those little mercury ornaments are sweet little darlings. Happy Dance!
Hugs, Diane

KatCollects said...

Hi Sweet Tammy,
I love that word herkin, lol. I use it too. You found some great treasures. The flower frogs and hat are my favorite. Hope you are having a good start to your summer.

shabbyscraps said...

wow, you are right! that was a motherload! Can you tell me where I can get some fagot tape? I seam to have run out! LOL!
xoxo, Tiffany

Michele said...

OMG, did you hit the mother load! I absolutely love those little ornies! And I've never heard of fagot tape...what a riot!


Betty said...

Wow!! Love what you found. Think the magazine is my favorite,so many possibilities there.

Holly said...

Hi, Tammy! What a great sale!

I grew up in Enumclaw but I live in VA now. I'm having fun finding Washington blogs. ♥

maria said...

Oh, I have the same vintage Good Housekeeping cover! Very cool to see it on your site, too. Hope to enjoy lots more of you great posts.