Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I cant BELIEVE I let this almost slip by! May is my blog-a-versary month! Wahoo!!! You know what that means, right?
I have stuff to give to one lucky person. It is alot of the same stuff I gave away for my birthday, namely:
3 mini rolls of vintage wallpaper
1 mini roll of vintage crepe paper
2 packages vintage seambinding
1 bundle vintage chenille pipe cleaners
1 bunch white lily of the valley
3 vintage German scrap with silver glass glitter
1 yard of my fabric measuring tape
3 house shaped chipboard pieces
10 vintage french flash cards
5 vintage record keeping papers
a little tin with pink mercury glass balls and pink game pieces
and a tag, handmade by moi.
So, come join the party! Leave a comment on this post, and I will draw a winner on June 1st. Make sure you leave me with a way to contact you, should you be the winner!

When I was growing up, every morning, as my brother and I would get out of the car to go to school, my mother would say "Be kind and sweet to everyone". I always took it as the best kind of advice. She lived that way. I never saw her acting unkindly to anyone, and everyone loved her. I tried really hard to live up to that example.

For Mother's Day, this year, I made her a collage, honoring that peice of advice. it is a picture of her, when she was very little, maybe 2? The caption says "She never forgot her mother's advice {be kind and sweet to everyone}.

What words of advice did you grow up hearing from your loved ones? Any pearls of wisdom? I think I'd like to do a series of collages based on this idea.

Thanks for visiting!




Diane said...

Well you know I am here to celebrate your Anniversary with you, l love the collage you made. Your mom sounds like my mom so nice to everyone!
Happy Happy Blog Party,
Hugs, Diane

KatCollects said...

Hi Sweetie,
I love your Mother's advice, I wish everyone followed it. I also love the collage you made for her, you knew I would didn't you : ) Happy Anniversay, keep posting. I hope you get to enjoy our sunshine today.

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

My father used to say to me: "With table manners like that, I'll never marry you off to Prince Charles."~~~Thank goodness I was a pig at the table!~~Happy Blog-a-versary!~~XXOO, Beth

jenny holiday said...

Hoooray Hoooray!!!! YAY for you!! And us!! Happy Blogiversary!!

I am just soso happy that you decided to join us all in blogland!! It is such a fun fun place!!

I ADORE your collage!!! Perfect in every way!!!!

Here's to another happy, art filled, year of blogging!!

XOXO Jenny said...

happy blog-a-vereary!! I love your fabulous collages;)


RJ said...

Hey Girlfriens, was gone for a while and hurried hoem to see what I have been missing....fab stuff you found...are you sharing the goodies with us junkers? I will keep my fingers crossed to win...glad to be back reading...Rj

RJ said...

have been gone for a week and could hardly wiat to get home to catch up...great finds ...will you be selling some of those or keeping them? I will keep my fingers crossed to be a winner.

Anonymous said...

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