Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My year long project

I started a Magnetic Christmas calander last year-- y'know, a cookie sheet calendar, only it's not on a cookie sheet, it's on a music stand top. Anyways, I saw Teresa McFayden's cookie sheet calendar on her blog last year and FELL IN LOVE!!! Had to make one, dove in, totally unprepared for the magnitude of this project, got too year later, finally finished it. It WAS a big job, because each date is like a little mini collage. But, I'm proud of myself for finishing it! I didn't get the magnents on until it was dark, so I didn't get a picture of the whole thing, but here's a few peeks:

I'll take pictures of the whole thing soon! I also wanted to share this, one of my favorite finds (heck, one of my ONLY finds lately!). I got this fluffy pink funness at Today's Country Store in Sumner, WA.

No, it's NOT Amy Powers' fabulous wig from Silver Bella...(which, I'm ashamed to admit I deeply covet)'s pink angel hair! How fun! I can't wait to make something with it. Any ideas?

Happy Thanksgiving!




jenny holiday said...

Your calendar looks amaazing!!! I too wanted to make one for over a year..but just haven't had a moment. How GREAT that you were able to finish yours!!! From what I see, I am LOOOOOVING it!! so many fun and pretty details!! Can't wait to see more!!

Just want to Thank you so much for all of your kindness!! It means so much to me..and Aaron! I am so thankful for the friendships made in blogland!! What an amazing place!!!

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

xoxo Jenny

amy said...

Hi Tammy,I'm so glad somebody appreciated that pink angel hair!I new it would go to a creative home. Your blog is great I will add you to our typelist, and thanks for the shout out. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving and hope to see you throughout the Holiday Season down in our little Mayberry town of Sumner.

Maija said...

Your calendar is fabulous! I can't tell you how hard it was not to pull that wig off Amy's head at Silver Bella! But, she rocked it just right!

Recycled Rita said...

Your calender is gorgeous! Can't wait to sit the whole thing!

cammyk said...

Love love love your your calendar. You did an amazing job.

lisa said...

Wow-that turned out great.....cannot wait to see the whole thing!! Keep up the great work. Oh, I ordered that wall paper after I saw yours and it arrived yesterday!

KatCollects said...

Hi Tammy,
Your calendar looks BEAUTIFUL! I would love to see a picture of the entird calendar. I hope you are doing well. I am sorry the swap had to get delayed for a little while, I am hoping we can still do it before Christmas.

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

oooh!! such a cute calender!! great job!! Love the pink angel hair!! I will so have to visit Sumner and pick some up!! :-) I hope you have a fantastic day!! hugs!! xo Britt :-)